East  Leyden Class of 1961

Individual Profiles from the Class of 1961 from 2011

Bob Bianco (from Classmates.com)

Married to Irene (maiden name Juskiewicz) since 1965, until March 31, 2007 when Irene passed away of a rare uterine cancer. We were married exactly 41 years, 4 months and 4 days. Three children, Stephen, 35; Angela, 32; Michael, 31. Four granddaughters, Alyssa,13;Tarynn,11;Callie,9 and Emma, 1. 3 Grandsons, Jonathan, Alexander and Cole, all 1. (Yes, quadruplets!) 1 girl and 3 boys, born October 18, 2007 to my daughter, Angela. I am a Business Consultant to several construction companies. Avid (but lousy) golfer. Discharged from Navy in 1964. Graduated from Northern Illinois University in Jan.71 B.S. Journalism. Was an active member of the N.I.U. Veterans club from 1968 - 1971 and served as President in 1970.
Patricia Powderly (Biesterfeld) (from Classmates.com)

Life is good! Retired from nursing last year. Blessed with great friends and family. Just got back from a trip to Europe, Asia and Africa. Love to read, movies, fairs. Active in the local Moose chapter. Hope you all are as happy as I.
Ed Bluthardt

After graduation from East Leyden I went on to the University of Wisconsin,Madison and received a B.S. in American History. I returned to Schiller Park married to Diane Latoria (Leyden '60) and the father of Daniel.  Soon there was Brent.
I joined the Schiller Park police department in 1966, went to John Marshall Law School, evenings,and remained with the police department until retirement in 1993.  I was Chief of Police for 14 years. After retiring, Diane and I moved to Eagle River, Wisconsin and live on the Eagle River Chain O'Lakes.  I was elected 8 times to the Vilas County Board of Supervisors, retiring after 16 years in 2016. We have 4 grandchildren, 2 of them collage students.  Next on our lives agenda will be a move to Florida (no more snow}.

Bob Bruckner

Donna Lee,

Gail and I won't be coming to Chicago for the reunion, but I'll be there for the next one.  Smile!  We were in Aurora this summer for my brother-in-law's funeral. It was a quick trip and we didn't have time to visit.  Gail doesn't like to be too far from her mother, who is 90 and in an assisted living home near us.

I'm still driving college girls around Hobart/WilliamSmith Colleges and deliverying part for Advance Auto Parts, working with the fire department and trying to figure out where Gail wants to eat the next weekend.   Our oldest son, his wife and their three sons are in South Carolina. The boys are 18, 16 and 14 years old. Dan turns 42 in November.  Matthew, his wife Becky and there three girls are in Elizabethtown, PA, and it's closer to visit. They're five hours away. The girls are 11, 9, and 6.  Gail and I had two more children ten years after Dan and Matt. Our third son, John and his wife, Erika, just had a baby girl, Gianella, two months ago.  Our daughter, Elizabeth and her husband, Matt, are having their first baby in January, so our travel plans are focus around the children.

I hope you and your family are well and happy.

I've got to email Ricky Kvistand and Dennis Beals and Carmen, since they have been trying to convince me to come out to Chicago. If you see them before me, or you get an email from them, pass this on.

Thanks   Hugs
Tim Budzynski  (from Classmates.com)

Retired after 26 years at Lockheed Martin, my wife and I travel some. The picture is of me and my friend Julius Caeser taken in London last fall.
Camille Anzelmo (Carsello)

Sorry to see so many people can't be found and so many are deceased.    I retired last June so it will be a year on June 15th.  It took me a while to get used to retired life but I am doing fine now.  I have one classmate that passed away about 7 years ago.  My friend, Don Hildebrand.  He was a great guy and use to come in from Arizona to see me and my brother.   I will be coming to the reunion and it will be great to see everyone again.  I just had my book club over last night.  Lynn Lund, Colleen Urie, Marie Belizzi, Kerry Edelmann, Joyce Hansen.  Of course, I pulled out all my yearbooks and we went over it.  God ,I cant believe how the years flew by.  50 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES.      I also sent you a photo of me now for the photo web page.  Hope you got it.  See you in October.  Camille Anzelmo (Carsello). 
Judy Grzyknowicz (Ciardella)
I've been married to Andy for 43 years and we have 2 married children Gina and Dan.  We have 4 granddaughters, Hannah 7, Hailey 4 and twins Julia and Emily 3.  I forgot how loud 4 girls can be when you put them together. Oh well, they are the love of our lives.
My husband has sem-retired from the golfing industry but works part time as a bartender at the Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale.  I work part time for a family owned trucking company. I've been there 28 years and it's hard to give it up.
I enjoy golfing but haven't done any this year, gambling which I've done more than I should and spending time with family and friends.
I have worked on the reunion committee this year and had a wonderful time doing it. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.
Bob Conover

This is Robert Conover in Cedar Creek, Texas.  I have lived in Texas since 1969 and my wife Dorothea and I are doing great and enjoying retirement.  I really appreciate the pictures you posted and it was a kick to see all of the faces that I knew for so many years. 


Rolan Cowen (AKA Jeep Worthan)

After high school I did some Jr College at both Triton and Elgin, never did get a degree.  After that bounced around with a bunch of jobs while looking for a career, lots of different jobs and interesting, but not wise for a career. Finally in '74 I answered an 
ad in the tribune for a salesman out in Elgin. Having always been a car guy and even did some racing (mostly dirt bikes) I jumped at the chance.  I have been with Auto Meter (now in Sycamore, Il) for 40 years and VP and Sales for 35 of that. The main reason for continuing work is that I truly love what I do, travel the country working shows and races, pretty cool (for a car guy).  Never got married so no kids, but have a long time girl friend (about 40 years) and am pretty settled down.  I too love bass fishing (I gave up tournaments when my fishing buddy died), however, we have a cabin on a small lake in Wisconsin and I get out every chance I get. We are currently trying to sell the cabin, if we do we are going to move down to South Carolina and get a home on Lake Hartwell for our retirement, if the cabin doesn't sell we'll retire here and I'll continue to fish the entire states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.


Dennis Day (from Classmates.com)

as some of you know already...l went to luther college...wright junior college...orange coast college in costa mesa calif...aa degree in 1967...lived in newport beach and on balboa island...san diego state...u of illinois circle campus...michigan state...hated it...university of arizona...bachelors degree in 1983...northern arizona un iversity...teaching certificate in 1986...and finally cal state los angeles...special ed credential in 1990...been involved in teaching and education since 1983...l have worked for 3 paint companies in illinois...california and arizona...liked it...but was always thought about teaching...l have lived in california the most...the last 22 years now...with stops before that in durango colorado...anchorage alaska...tempe phoenix tucson and flagstaff arizona for 13 years...have traveled most in the US...mexico and canada...two european trips to spain and the czech republic...l would move to the czech republic in an instant...what a great country...with wonderful...friendly people...and would live in a small mountain community called kutna hora...bout 30 miles from prague...there were 3 times l was unemployed and on unemplymet and loved the time off....doing host of my US traveling at that time...even went to hawaaii when l wasnt working...thanks for those unemployment checks...will start collecting my SS checks in 2009 and looking at retirement after l turn 70...get more money that way...looking at 3 places to retire...prescott or flagstaff in arizona...or a small county here in california called plumas county...22,300 in the whole county...and it has 4 seasons..yes here in california!!!..my likes are definitely playing golf...and love horse racing...still trying to figure out how to win...!!!!  THAT'S ALL FOLKS...for now.
Bob Diederich
Just happen to come across East Leyden's website for the class of 61. I can not believe the poor response. Where did all people go? My wife and I moved to Florida 18 years ago and we love it. Yes, the summers are hot but least I don't have to worry about the cold snowy weather. The winters are very mild as you probably know. It's been wonderful for us. I married my high school sweetheart (Darlene Zurek) also from the class of 61. I went to college for electrical engineering, served in the Navy during the Viet Nam era and in 1968 I got married. We had two children and lived in River Grove for 25 years. We have four grandchildren and enjoying them very much. I can not believe the classmates that are decreased. I played football with some of them. What happen to Butch Ranallo?  As for my wife and I we are not sure if we will be  able to attend the reunion. We have a heavy schedule in October but we'll do our best and try to attend. I used to play a lot of golf at Nordic Hills Country Club back in the 70's and 80's.
Take care, Bob Diederich 

Carol Fortin (Hayden)
Living in St Augustine Florida, moved here in 1983
mom of 2,  Laura Morgan and Chris Fortin
have 3 grandchildren
James Jesse Morgan (deceased)
Jamielynn K Morgan 12 yoa
Samantha Fortin 10 yoa
retired nurse, work as a volunteer at the St.Johns County Sheriffs Office
Was married to James Fortin (deceased).
Hope all is well with all. Stay safe
Lorene Laubach (Georgi)
 I love what you did on the reunion website.  Nicely done connecting the past to the present.  Well,  I'm Lorene Giorgi Laubach and married to Fred Laubach from the class of 59 and simply enjoying good health, a great life, and my Apple Computer.
Recent pick from my Photo Booth.

Merrily Kautt (English) (from Classmates.com)

Greetings to East Leyden alums of the class of 1961!
Just returned from my 69th trip to China along with my 88-year old mom who lives in San Diego and plays tennis 3-times a week, - husband and four dear friends for a month long trip including Tibet and Hong Kong. And I didn't have to meet with clients or negotiate any contracts! I am still consulting to international oil companies as well as teaching full time at the U of Colorado inluding heading up the honors program. It's fun - and it still allows us to ski and mountain climb as well. My husband Dick is practicing law full time as well.
We have five children: Cathy is 44 and living in Carlsbad with husband Mark, a Fedex pilot, and granddaughter Kelly, age 7. Brad is 43 and in senior management with USAirways in Fort Worth. Daughter Robin, age 42, is a doctor in a Denver suburb near where we live. Son Bill is 41, a PhD teaching at the Army Command & Staff College at Lansing, Kansas, and marrying a young widow with 6-year old triplets over Labor Day 2009. Son Greg, 40, is a chemical engineer in Missouri; he and wife Cindy, have three boys: Christopher, 10; Justin, 8, and Kevin, 3.
We would welcome East Leyden '61 visitors - we live in Highlands Ranch just south of Denver and next to the mountains.
Best regards to all
Thomas Keel (Kielminski in 1961)

I have lived 32 years in the Chicagoland area (Chicago, Franklin Park, Arlington Hts, and Bloomingdale, IL), and in Marietta, GA since the beginning of 1977.

My graduation from Leyden HS in 1961 was in between my two cousins; Glenn Wilcox who graduated in 1960 and Gene Wilcox who graduated in 1962. Perhaps you remember them; if so, contact me and I can give you their e-mail addresses.

I married Karen Ann Johnson (Foreman HS '62) in May 1966, and we have three children; born 1968, 1972, and 1975. Two of my children and their spouses live nearby, and my eldest is unmarried and living in Indianapolis. On May 16, 2009, we welcomed our first grandchild into the world, thanks to my youngest son and his wife.

I retired from Siemens Building Technologies the end of 2001, and began my Ph.D. pursuit at Georgia Tech in January 2003. However, I never completed my Ph.D., I earned a second master's degree instead. Now, I am employed by Georgia Tech as an adjunct professor. Additionally, I teach in the online MBA program for Regis University, a Jesuit school located in Denver, CO. I have been employed by Regis University as an online adjunct professor since April, 2001.

Since 2004, I live in Paris for three months each summer, teaching Georgia Tech students who are doing their summer semester in Paris. It is a great experience for the students and me.

At this time in my life, with the loss of both parents in 2000, I am enjoying connecting with persons from my past, even if we were not close friends back then, there exists a bond since we shared the same experiences during the same times in our lives--grade school, high school, and college, for example.

Please write; it's fun.

Sandy Siebenschuh (Kent)
  I've been married to my husband Bill, a college professor, for 46 years and have a daughter, a son, and five grandchildren, all of them perfect!  I'm retired now but started out as a junior high school English teacher and moved on to being an editor, first of college textbooks and then of a magazine.  I like to travel, to hang out with my grandkids, and to attend classes with a group of friends, one of whom is Mary Murphy, one of our East Leyden classmates.  I'm enjoying retirement no end.  So there you have it.  Best of luck with your search, and enjoy the reunion.
Sandy Kent Siebenschuh


Karen Planz Krause

My husband, Jack, and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary July of 2012.  We have three children who are all married and much to our delight live near us here in Glen Ellyn.  I also have three grandchildren, two in high school and one in middle school.  Oops!  We have a dog too. 

My husband retired eight years ago but I just retired two years ago from an administrative assistant position for a trade association.

Now my days are filled with anything I want them to be.  We have a place in Wisconsin where we spend most of the summer golfing, boating, reading, and socializing.  We come home to gather the mail, cut the grass, go to sporting events for the grandchildren and again do whatever we want. We have been truly blessed. 

Planning this reunion has been a pleasure and I would like to thank all of you who came so far to attend.  

Diane Popp ( Cook)
I moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1963.  I married an airplane pilot, I have two children. I graduated from Texas Christian University in 1976 with an RN degree, then I graduated from Texas Women’s University in 2000 with a masters degree in nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I retired three years ago.
Bob Kulwin

After graduating, I attended U of I until my folks moved to Phoenix and joined them to finish school at ASU and played judo.  There met the love of my life, Dorothy Rossetti, a Chicagoan with a decent accent, a retired textbook sales rep.  We married in 1968 and promptly moved to Seattle for my Ph.D. program and the beginning of our second love, the Northwest.  I taught and did research for several years in sociology and then went on to business ending up a mortgage broker with stops in Journalism and photography and auto business.  I’m semi-retired.  We have a daughter and granddaughter.   My great passion is fly fishing with regular trips around the Northwest and up to Alaska.   The bicycle, canoe, kayak and boot serve as primary vehicles for exploring.   We leave the city for our Whidbey Island home most weekends and always carry a camera.




Bob Kulwin 

Cell             425-417-3606  

email:        bkulwin@umaxmortgage.com,


Rick Kvistad (from Classmates.com)

I have two daughters (born in '83 & '85) - yes got a late start. I love my job & my girls and am now amicably divorced. I have great memories of the good people at Leyden. I look forward to hearing from anyone. Rick

After Leyden I went to the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and then the U of Illinois for graduate school. I got work with the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony, and the Blackearth Percussion Group. I continue to play percussion now with the San Francisco Opera Orchestra where I have been since 1974. Since it is a great job & only 6 months a year, I have no plans to ever retire; I've been semi-retired since I got this job! Other employment has included CDs and film scores with John Williams and many others. I have had a truly great ride.

I had a great time at rainy Oberlin and have life long friends that I knew there. I loved spending my junior year in Salzburg. I got truly great musical training and experience there.

I love my job as principal percussionist of a world class opera company, but I also love to play jazz and other types of music and compose as well. I'm fortunate to be in one of the world's greatest cities.

Lore Lingner

It does not appear that I will be able to attend due to business commitments and construction at my home.

While living in Rosemont, I worked for various real estate related firms.  In the sixties, I vacationed on the West Coast
and realized I belonged in Carmel, CA.  As Robert Luis Stevenson said, "It is the most beautiful meeting of sea and land". 
In 1979 I moved here and am thrilled to live here.  Each time I go away and return, I know this is where I belong. In 1980, I 
got my real estate license and love what I do.  A piece of my heart is still in the Chicago area where I have some family 
and stay in touch with long standing friends.  For the past seven years, I have chaired our company's fundraising on the
Monterey Peninsula to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  Wishing everyone a fantastic time at the reunion.

Lore Lingner, CRS |Previews Specialist | DRE #00788278
3775 Via Nona Marie | Carmel CA 93923
831-626-2285 | 831-622-0210


Gary Lipscomb

 It looks like everybody is ageing well.  I was lucky enough to marry my grade school sweetheart, Beverly Strutz.  We will be married 50 years in 2012.  We have 3 kids and 8 grandkids.  We have traveled to all 48 states on our motorcycle and have traveled around the world.  I retired from sales in 2008.  We moved to "paradise" in 1971, New Port Richey, Fla.  Motorcycling is our passion and we have traveled over 300,000 miles, mostly on Harleys.  We are going on a 14,000 mile ride this May.


Gary Lipscomb

P.S. Hey Rick Kvistad, Is that a glamour shot you had taken?  Some things never change!

Ron Maciejewski


Tom Melowitz (from Classmates.com)

After HS I went to NIU where I majored in Math.  Upon graduation I went to work for GTE as a programmer.  After 15 years I was transferred to San Francisco.  From there I went to Boston with GTE Government Systems where I became the program manager for the Launch Control System for the MX Missle.  From Boston I was off to Kansas City for the start up of Sprint where I worked for 5 years in IT. In '91 I went to Denver and worked for Manville for a year before ending up in Washington state working for Weyerhaeuser in IT until I retired in 2000.
Today I live in Grand Coulee Washington overlooking the Grand Coulee Dam during the summer and in Texas on Lake Houston in the Houston area during the winter. I go bass fishing most days and fish in dozens of local bass tournaments in Washington and Texas.
I've been married twice, have a daughter and 2 grand daughters living in the Chicago area and a son and grandson living in San Francisco.
Ruth Barlow (Meyer)

Living a great life with my husband of 50 years Mike in beautiful Naples, Florida.  We have three sons and five grandchildren. We've been blessed!!
Joe Milek

Joe Milek elected to the American Football Association Hall Of Fame.
Nancy Lambert (Muzyka)

Greetings from Venice, Florida.  I moved here 11 years ago after my husband Douglas Lambert passed away.  I live in a small beautiful city along the Gulf Coast.  I enjoy the warm sunny weather but travel to Chicago a lot to see my family.  I'm still a city girl and always go downtown when I am in.  I have one son, Dan, who is a candidate for his Doctorates Degree.  He is married to Nicole who is a Dentist.  They live in Chicago and I have been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren, Ellianna Starr, 4 and Maxson (Max) Daniel 1.  I still dance several times a week. I just got my Diving License this summer. I enjoy beaching and all fun things Florida has to offer.

I'm still working in the Dolphin, Whale & Sea Turtle Hospital at Mote Marine.  I've been there 10 years.  It has been the experience of a lifetime having the opportunity to be in the water helping care for them and then returning them healthy  back to the ocean where they belong.  I'm looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.


Lynne McLaughlin (Norgaard)
I graduated from Augustana Academy, South Dakota.  I Married Bob McLaughlin Nov. 22, 1963. Yes, that is the day President Kennedy was assassinated - my wedding day!  I could write a book on that day!
I have 2 sons, Robert and Mark.  My husband and I were transferred to Springfield, Missouri with Zenith Radio Corp. in 1964.  In 1974 we accepted a position with Sony Corp. in San Diego, California settling in Escondido.  I was divorced 1990.  Bob McLaughlin died December 31, 2007 from cancer.
My son Robert is Chief of Ramona Fire Department.  If you have heard of the fires in California there is no need to explain what he does!   Mark is a Laser Technician with Abbott Laboratories.  Mark builds and repairs the lasers that cut the stents for heart placement. I have 6 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.
It is strange to be called "great" grandma! 
I worked for several years as Account Payable Mgr. for Harrah's Rincon Indian Casino in Valley Center, Ca.   I retired in 2008.  I now work part-time as assistant Manager of the mobile home park where I reside. I am looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.
Wishing you all the blessings of life.


Don Rieck

 I live in New Jersey, retired from the publishing industry after 40 years but currently working as a crossing guard for the Montclair Police department for two middle schools and Montclair High School. I’m married. Those are the bare bones of my story,


Tom Smith
Hello fellow classmates:
     Just a little background, after Leyden I attended Univ. of Louisville Southern Police Institute and Triton College for Criminal Justice.  I am a Veteran U.S. Army-Panama Canal Zone Sgt. E-5 Military Police.  I was employed by the Cook County Sheriff's Police as a Sr. Criminal Investigating detective and a Chief Investigator for the Kane County States Attorney Office.  I am still very involved in Kane County politics and I own and operate Golden Acres Farm.  I was married for 25 years to Ruth and widowed in 1994.  I have two grown children who live in the area.  Looking forward to seeing those who can come to the reunion!


Darlene Zurek (Stricklin)

I retired from the River Grove Public Library in October 2009 and my husband Bob Zurek and I are living in Texico, IL.  Our son Bob (East Leyden class of 1987) is the Head Cell phone Design Physicist at one of the Motorola plants here in Illinois.  Our daughter Deborah (E.Leyden class of 1991) is an Associate Librarian in the Children's department of Addison Public Library in Addison, IL.

I wish all my classmates the very best.

Darlene (Stricklin) Zurek


John Rubino


I live in Las Vegas NV and have been retired from management for several years. I spend my time & enjoy playing golf three days /week. I saw my name on the missing list and wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive and well. I have fond memories of my years at Leyden and many of our classmates. So anyway, thanks to all those who are responsible for maintaining this blog on all our classmates. It's a part of all of us. God bless and a happy new year to all. ( From 1/1/17 )
Sandra Graf (Tessler) (from Classmates.com)

Hi, most of you knew me as "Tessie" or "Tess". Went to college a couple years, than decided to Join the Air Force. After 3 yrs.I married, 2 children from my first marriage, 1 from my second marriage & 2 step-children. My husband past away in 1995. I have traveled the States while in the Air Force and the Hardware Industry and I currently reside in Las Vegas, but own my permanent home in Orlando, Florida. I am retired now and love visiting with my grand children, all six of them. I have another grandson who is due this January 2010. Drop me a line, I'd love to share memories from the past and also whats going on in our daily lives now.
Darlene Honaman (Toerpe)

How do you condense 50 years into a paragraph? First, many thanks go to the Reunion Committee for their tireless efforts in finding as many of us as possible and planning such a fun event!  I plan to attend with my friend of 66 years (YIKES!), Beverly Sinclair Moehling.  We started playing together in River Grove at age 2. 

After graduation from high school, I joined the U.S. Navy and had an exciting three years as a Navy Journalist. After journalism and photography schools, I was stationed on the staff of the Commandant of the Eighth Naval District in New Orleans for the rest of my tour of duty.  I was there during the Cuban Missile Crisis and when President Kennedy was shot.

Then I moved to Pensacola to work and go to school on the G.I. Bill.  I met my husband, Craig Honaman, a hospital administrator, and we married in 1971 and had two children in Pensacola before moving to Tallahassee in 1979.  We left Tallahassee in 1989 and moved to Tampa for two years, then Jacksonville for four years and finally Atlanta in 1996.  As Craig’s career moved us around, my career in fund raising was developing along the way (Springtime Tallahassee Festival, Tampa Museum of Art, Jacksonville Art Museum, Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville, The Atlanta Opera, Fernbank Museum of Natural History and now I am Associate Vice President for Advancement for the CDC Foundation in Atlanta.)  

We are fortunate that both of our children (Justin – age 38; and Garman – age 34) both are married and live in Atlanta. Justin is with Coca-Cola as Vice President of National Sales for Coca-Cola Refreshment and Garman is in marketing, communications and strategy for Synq Solutions.  Garman and her husband William are expecting our first grandchild in January. 

Craig and I love traveling and take one BIG trip a year – usually out of the country – plus some short trips as often as possible.  

I look forward to seeing everyone and have especially enjoyed the “then and now” photos!
Joe Anne Gurecki (Turco)

We live in the foothills of the Santa Catalina mountains in Tucson, AZ. Ten years ago we made a  move here from Door County, Wi and have never looked back.  I've been married to Ben for 43 years.  We have two sons, Ben and Jon.  Both living in Elmhurst, Il.   God has enriched our lives with a handsome grandson, Nathan,  and four beautiful granddaughters, Zoeh, Emma, Abby and Lilli.  We travel whenever possible, spend summers in Illinois, and are blessed with good health, loving family and wonderful friends.  Life has been a precious journey.  Every day I'm in awe of life and all it has offered.
Carolyn Stropoli (Walenga) (from Classmates.com)
My Spouse
at work

My Pets
Missy is a 18 year old black domestic short hair. She has Catshiemers, does only what she wants when she wants.

My Job
Hectic at times, but always different

James Ziese (from Classmates.com)

After enjoying my four years at East Leyden from 1958 thru 1961, I continued on to work in mostly electronic fields, starting with Motorola in the Chicago area. Then I moved to Boulder, Colorado for many years and worked with scientists at the world-renowned National Center for Atmospheric Research, until I retired to Florida in the mid-90's. I hope to hear from friends from the good ol' days!
Patricia Lavieri (Young)

I've been married for 48 years to my grade  school sweetheart Conrad Lavieri class of 1960.  Our love just keeps getting better.  I have been retired for sometime now, but Conrad is finally retiring the end of this year.

We only had one child, Constance, she is our biggest success story.  Connie is an emergency room Doctor.  She is working for Ft. Gordon and the VA in Augusta, Georgia.  Connie served 12 years in the Army.  We have three grandchildren, Aaron Andrew 14, Aubrey Anise 11, and Chloe Ann 8.  Our daughter married Donald Reynolds of Cincinnati, Oh., and Don is also a Doctor and a great son-in-law.  We now have our home on the market with hopes of moving to Augusta, Ga.  In the meantime we travel to Georgia as often as we can.

We have already traveled a few places overseas, but for our 50th Anniversary our plans are to spend a month in Ireland, Scotland & Wales.  In the mean time we will see more of our beautiful country.

Patricia Young - Lavieri


Darlene Diederich (Zurek)

Just happen to come across East Leyden's website for the class of 61. I can not believe the poor response. Where did all people go? My wife and I moved to Florida 18 years ago and we love it. Yes, the summers are hot but least I don't have to worry about the cold snowy weather. The winters are very mild as you probably know. It's been wonderful for us. I married my high school sweetheart (Darlene Zurek) also from the class of 61. I went to college for electrical engineering, served in the Navy during the Viet Nam era and in 1968 I got married. We had two children and lived in River Grove for 25 years. We have four grandchildren and enjoying them very much. I can not believe the classmates that are decreased. I played football with some of them. What happen to Butch Ranallo?  As for my wife and I we are not sure if we will be  able to attend the reunion. We have a heavy schedule in October but we'll do our best and try to attend. I used to play a lot of golf at Nordic Hills Country Club back in the 70's and 80's.
Take care,
Bob Diederich